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Eating (Gluten Free) for Two

Like most people, Rebecca Curry didn’t realize she had celiac disease. If left untreated, serious complications can result including additional autoimmune disorders, rashes, celiac-associated cancers and infertility or miscarriages. For women with celiac, a strict gluten-free diet is an absolute must, according to Dr. Anthony DiMarino.

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Treating Precancerous Cells in Barrett’s Esophagus Without Surgery

For 40 years John Gentzler, 66, dealt with his chronic acid reflux the way most people deal with a heartburn flare-up, antacids. “I lived on Rolaids,” says the 66-year-old Gloucester County, N.J. resident. “I desperately needed some kind of relief from this constant burning pain in my windpipe and chest.” But the south Jersey man, a more »

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