Why Do I Need a Primary Care Physician?

Kathryn McGrath

Kathryn McGrath, MD, Family Medicine Physician at Jefferson Methodist Hospital

This post was written by Cara Jo Swetsky of Jefferson Corporate Communications.

You’re healthy, you’re active, and your life is already busy enough. Do you really need a primary care physician? Kathryn McGrath, MD, Family Medicine Physician from Jefferson Methodist Hospital says “YES!” – Here are five reasons why:

1. Full spectrum care: Primary Care physicians focus on holistic health care, meaning they are trained in a little bit of everything – whether you have a cough, are feeling anxious, want to talk about contraceptives and women’s health, or are simply curious about a certain vaccine. Think of it as one-stop shopping.

2. Higher comfort level: Over time, your doctor will get to know you as a person, and it is important to have someone you trust so that you can discuss your concerns and overall health. The more you visit a doctor you trust, the better your relationship and the better your care.

3. Transparency of health history: Knowledge of your health history is imperative for the prevention of diseases and helps your doctor catch early symptoms of serious conditions.

primary care physician

4. Routine screenings: While some screenings such as blood pressure might seem like a task, they hold great importance when it comes to your health. Undergoing testing on a regular basis helps catch symptoms early or before they get worse.

5. Referrals to specialists: If you need to see a specialist, start with your primary care doctor who can assist in referring you to the right doctor and be your medical advocate throughout the process.

“Everyone should have a physician who can step back and look at the ‘big picture’ of their health,” says Dr. McGrath. “This is what primary care doctors are trained to do.”

Did you know that Jefferson has various primary care offices throughout South Philly? Learn more about our locations and services at JeffersonHealth.org/SouthPhiladelphia.

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