Homeless Recovery Center Opens in Philly

Emergency physician Bon S Ku, MD

Emergency physician Bon S Ku, MD

Unlike many major cities, Philadelphia didn’t have a safe haven for the homeless to recuperate after hospital visits. While many homeless use ERs as their primary form of health care, once they are no longer sick enough to stay in the hospital, they return to the streets, often resulting in a revolving door of ER visits.

Jefferson emergency medicine physician Bon S. Ku, MD, co-director of our Global Health Fellowship, recently spoke to the Philadelphia Daily News about an idea turned reality to help the homeless patients and, it is hoped, lower healthcare costs.

Dr. Ku helped create a respite center for the homeless that offers security while getting back on their feet. The Women’s Board of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital pitched in a $5,000 grant, among other generous donations. The pilot program provides eight beds and serves only men at the moment, but plans are already underway for a larger center that will cater to both men and women.

“These high-risk patients who we know are going to bounce back to the hospital who just need simple things, simple interventions that can really save everyone a lot of money,” Dr. Ku told the Daily News. “Plus, it’s the right thing to do.”

You can read the full article here.

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