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taylor-davis_klasTaylor Davis, the Vice President for Strategy and Analysis at KLAS Research in Salt Lake City, is over 6’4” tall, so the sight of me standing next to him is somewhat comical!  Here we are at the 3rd Annual Keystone Conference, a special KLAS invitation-only event, outside Salt Lake City.  The leading healthcare IT vendors and top healthcare IT customers come together on “neutral territory” to tackle the critically important issues surrounding the implementation of healthcare technology.  I had the privilege of kicking off this third annual meeting, focused exclusively on the implementation of population health-based tools.  Since I’m not a technical expert, my role in this meeting was to “set the table” and provide context for all of the hard work that followed.

In this day and age, KLAS is in a class by itself—an organization focused on improving the use of health information technology through a strategy of total transparency and accountability.  In other words, they grade the vendors, and in so doing, promote a culture whereby everyone understands what the limitations are, and where the market needs to go.  It’s not easy to sit in a room with your competitors and reveal important, competitive market reconnaissance.  Though not everyone concurs with this methodology, I believe this is the only way we can improve on the nation’s multi-billion dollar investment in this arena. The conversation was far reaching and robust.  From where I stand, this organization is certainly first in KLAS! I would urge readers to visit the KLAS website:

Realizing the Dream of Value-Based Care


Dr. Nash discusses four potholes and barriers to improving population health: the lack of evidence for clinical decision-making; unexplained clinical variation; the problem of medical error; and the need for clinically integrated networks.

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