Steamy Summer Saturday


Florida Medical ClinicThe “real feel” temperature was easily over 102°F when I visited the Florida Medical Clinic on one of the last Saturdays of summer to speak at their  8th Annual Meeting.  The FMC is a well-established, 25-year-old multi-specialty group practice with over 200 physicians in 33 specialties serving patients in Tampa and the surrounding area.    As a budding ACO, FMC exemplifies commitment to physician leadership training, understanding the importance of helping the rank and file to deal with changes under health reform as good strategy for the future.

I focused my comments on physician self-evaluation, measurement and closure of the feedback loop for this savvy crowd. I stressed the importance of connecting the dots between reducing unexplained variation and improving safety in the office setting, to an increase in revenue under a bundled payment reimbursement model.  By making the tough decisions now, FMC is well situated for a successful future under global capitation.

I also had a chance to meet with Greenway Health, FMC’s information technology provider. Greenway Health is an important partner, helping FMC to close the feedback loop on physician performance, a central tenet of improvement.  In his state of the union address, FMC CEO Joe DeLatorre remarked  that two new clinical sites were actually abandoned buildings from the now-defunct Borders bookstore chain.  There is a message here, for sure!  We must constantly be looking forward to keep pace (or hopefully be ahead of the curve) for disruptive changes in your industry’s business model.  Those caught unprepared, like Borders and other brick and mortar book retailers, can end up bankrupt.  The same applies in the healthcare business. FMC and other forward thinking systems are well positioned to transform the future of healthcare delivery.

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