The Governor


DBN with governorYes, that’s me standing next to Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania.  After only five months in office, Governor Wolf is demonstrating his commitment to improving the health of the population in our Commonwealth.  I was privileged to be part of a small group of outsiders with expertise in health care issues who were invited to spend an entire afternoon with the Governor, discussing some of the thorny issues that leaders in state government must grapple with.  While the deliberations are confidential, I can share with you that the Governor is a good listener, and he asked detailed and probing questions.  I found his staff to be very astute  and sincerely interested in making a difference.  I applaud Health Choices, the simple expansion of traditional Medicaid that the Governor  has overseen, and I  am confident that his team is pointed in the correct direction.

My role in the event was to present an overview of population health and make some connections between the work in our College and work in the Department of Health at the state level.  I reminded the Governor about my 17-year tenure as the Chair of the Technical Advisory Group of the Pennsylvania Healthcare Cost Containment Council and that Pennsylvania has been recognized as a national leader in the public accountability for hospital outcomes.  It was a privilege and honor to play a small  role in helping our elected leaders to better understand our very complex healthcare industry.


  • July 23, 2015

    Good to see you involved David. It has been a real pleasure to watch your career develop at a time that medicine needs this kind of talent. George

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