Blooming in the Desert


mediware-BloomingIt was 104 degrees Fahrenheit when I visited Scottsdale, AZ and our colleagues at the Mediware Corporation.  Perhaps you’ve never heard of them, but I’m confident that you will!  Mediware is an information services company with a diverse portfolio of products that range from software tracking for core stem cell blood donation to home infusion and respiratory care.  While these seemingly disparate data points resemble a scatterplot, they actually represent a very intelligent business strategy.   I was impressed with the scope and depth of Mediware’s offerings. In a future characterized by bundled payment and the ability to track patients across the entire continuum of care, Mediware stands to prosper. Under health care reform, all providers are going to be challenged to demonstrate value for the work they deliver and Mediware is well situated to help providers in many different locales, by delivering distinctly different services with a population health focus. Sometimes clinicians in rehab settings, home care companies, and other non-hospital, non-traditional delivery sites,don’t get the kind of acknowledgement that they deserve.  Mediware is ready to change that.

Following my plenary presentation, I had the opportunity to have lunch with the CEO, Thomas Kelly Mann and many of his top leaders.  Given their rapid growth, Mediware seems well capitalized and able to expand its national footprint.  I left Scottsdale feeling that Mediware was like a “flower blooming in the desert”—perhaps on top of a cactus or two.  How do you connect your disparate practitioners inside and outside of the hospital setting?

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