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Boca Raton2After working on it for 20 years, Health Choice Network (HCN) has emerged as “one of the nation’s most successful collaborations of community health centers.”  It was a real treat to deliver their lunchtime plenary address and conduct a breakout session for some of their clinical leaders during their annual leadership retreat in Boca Raton, Florida.

HCN is a network of 23 community and behavioral health centers serving a mostly Medicaid population throughout Florida.  By pooling their resources, these disparate, federally qualified health centers, and some partner managed care plans, are making a difference in improving the health of a very diverse population across the state.  They have developed patient-centered medical homes and several Accountable Care Organizations.  They’ve received funding from federal organizations like HRSA, and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.  They’ve submitted papers for publication including some to our own journal, Population Health Management.  Frankly, I have never seen a community-based program, serving principally Medicaid patients, achieve such great success!

The entire country should pay greater attention to HCN and their constituent organizations.  Their work is proof that Obamacare is working, as most of these patients, previously without insurance, could not receive such high quality, well-coordinated care that delivers value in their communities.  Hats off to the leadership of HCN and especially their visionary CEO, Kevin S. Kearns.


  • June 10, 2015

    CommWell Health, North Carolina is community health center system and a member of Health Choice Network because of the cutting edge leadership of Kevin Kearns, his team and the HCN Board and CHC’s Executive Directors. Creating a model of care is very dependent on creating a culture of continued excellence, vital wrap around services, and real time clinical patient data system. HCN and Community Health Centers are proving that patient centric medical home care is obtainable through population health delivery. HCN and its membership is demonstrating that high quality , accountable and affordable care is possible and with this continued success be instrumental in creating a new model of care for America. It is exciting to be a part of this network innovation that continues to build upon itself.

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