“Māhie 2020”


Population Health is on fire!  To start 2015, I spent a week on the road going to San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Seattle. I’d like to review each of these visits and share my reflections through a series of blog posts.


Māhie (Mah-hee-ay) refers to a “transformation” in the native Hawaiian language.  It means the ability to adapt to a changing environment.  Māhie 2020 refers to the most ambitious initiative in the 76 year history of Hawaii Medical Service Association (HMSA), Hawaii’s largest and most important managed care plan.  The initiative “envisions a community health system that unifies consumers, providers, employers, government and community in a collective understanding that health and well-being are so much more than a collection of physical attributes.  It’s a system where all stakeholders work together to advance the health and well-being of Hawaii.”

Keeping Mahie 2020 in mind, my co-chair, Dr. Mark McClellan from the Brookings Institution, and I spent two days in San Francisco with a truly elite group of policymakers from around the country, including such persons as Dr. Elliott Fisher from the Dartmouth Institute Dr. Gail Wilensky from Project HOPE and Anne-Marie J. Audet from the Commonwealth Fund.  Along with the members of HMSA, we helped to outline a radically new payment system for HMSA system that would deliver on their promise of complete transformation.  This approach would propel HMSA into a national leadership role as an insurance provider, completely focused on the health of the population.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress, but hats off to the leadership of HMSA as they attempt to re-imagine what healthcare is all about in Hawaii.

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