What a year!!!


As I reflect on 2011, from a health policy perspective, it has been quite a year indeed. Berwick is out, ACOs are in, and costs continue to rise. Employers are trying everything and corporate wellness and prevention is the “new green”. The lines separating payers, providers and purchasers are blurring every single day as insurance companies buy doctor practices and hospitals too!! The New England Journal says Disease Management doesn’t work and everyone believes one study based on the sickest Medicare patients only. It is increasingly difficult to separate out the “truth” from the background noise, especially as the noise gets louder and louder.

Personally, I am really looking forward to 2012 and the ongoing struggle to make health care more accountable, transparent, safer and more cost effective. I am confident that the Jefferson School of Population Health will continue to provide leadership in its research, teaching and dissemination agenda. Our journals, this BLOG, our Medpages column, our national conferences, continue to resonate with the key opinion leaders in healthcare across the nation.

I hope that you will continue to turn to us for informed opinions and solid evidence too about what is working and what is not. One thing surely still remains the same regarding the reform efforts and that is of course ” No Outcome–No Income”. I am convinced that the future belongs to groups that can make this pithy statement a reality for everyday practice. We are always interested in your views too. DAVID NASH

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