Jefferson Board Approves a NEW SCHOOL !!!!


On July 28th, the Jefferson University Board of Trustees unanimously approved the creation of a unique new school called the JEFFERSON SCHOOL OF HEALTH POLICY and POPULATION HEALTH after carefully reviewing a proposal created by a task force from our Department of Health Policy. This Task Force met regularly for nearly nine months and presented its finding to an on campus Advisory Committee, and to two subcommittees of the Board as well. After gathering input from many stakeholders I am so proud to report that the new school will be created by some key organizational shifts on our campus—namely, moving our Dept of Health Policy out of the Medical College, where it has been since its inception 19 years ago, and combining it with the already successful MPH Program currently housed in the Graduate School of the University. Hence, these two entities, our Dept and the MPH Program, will serve as the nidus of the new school. In a nutshell, our school will offer a series of Masters Degrees including the MPH, a Masters in Health Policy and two innovative degrees—a Masters in Health Care Quality and Safety AND finally, a Masters in Chronic Care Coordination. Shortly, we will be creating a new website exclusively focused on the new school but I was anxious to get this very exciting news out to our consituents around the nation.I will begin a series of postings as we make progress on the new school and will strive to keep you posted as to the challenges and accomplishments as we move forward with the vision. Remember, if you are not a part of the solution for fixing the broken health care system, you are automatically a part of the problem!! Let me know what you think and thanks for your support, DAVID NASH

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