Eighth Annual DM Colloquium


The Eighth Annual DM Colloquium was held last week in Philadelphia. Nearly 300 persons from all over the country, and overseas, joined us at the Hyatt at Penn’s Landing for three days of presentations, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and some fun too. We heard from leaders in the public and private sectors that there is convergence of Disease Management, Prevention and Wellness. These themes are also connecting to work site wellness, productivity improvement and employee satisfaction. The entire field appears to me to be in flux and our conference highlighted all of these changes. Specific issues included a discussion of the controversy surrounding the Medicare Health Support program, measuring ROI in DM, the impact of health reform on DM and physician leadership for DM, among many other topics. Please view the video from my opening address to the assembled crowd from Monday May 19th where I reviewed the entire chronic care waterfront. I am interested in views of the meeting and you can download the presentations from www.dmcolloquium.com. Thanks again and I look forward to your comments. DAVID NASH

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