Sec of HHS Mike Leavitt and JEFFERSON


I am happy to report that Sec of HHS Mike Leavitt will be our guest, on the campus of Thomas Jefferson University, on Wednesday March 19th and I will have the honor of serving as the convener for a regional meeting on the power of the EHR to improve the quality and safety of medical care. This is after all National Patient Safety Week and Sec Leavitt will be discussing the CMS EMR Regional Initiative—whereby CMS will be giving regional grants to docs in small primary care practices to stimulate the adoption of EMRs. CMS hopes to award one dozen regional grants after conducting nearly 40 visits around the nation.Our Department of Health Policy is once again being recognized for our leading edge work in this field and for our ability to bring together all the key stakeholders for a working session with the Secretary. More news to follow and we will surely post any video that comes from that meeting. Thanks for your support, DAVID NASH


  • March 11, 2008


    Where do you think patient access to their own clinical information in EHRs (via web-based personal health records) should fit into a program like this, and is this an issue worthy of discussion?

    Given that 78 % of Americans want this access and only 6 % have it, I am wondering if grants should include a requirement of connection to a personal health record system. Many of the gains I have seen in terms of a safer, more accountable, higher quality care experience come when patients have equal access.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Ted Eytan, MD

  • March 25, 2008

    Despite more than a decade of much talk and some action, EHR (and the personal health record mentioned by Dr. Eytan) remain one part accomplishment for every four parts of potential. Keep up the exciting work you and your office are doing in this regard so that one day the potential of EHR will be realized.
    Tim Cousounis
    Palliative Care Group of MDVantage

  • May 7, 2008

    Introduction of empowerTM by Jefferson is a great step in encouraging electronic medical record. Hopefully, other medical practices will follow it and hence make positive contribution towards EMR. Once again Jefferson would be a trendsetter in a new era of EMR.

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