Mercer County Technical Schools Get Inside Look at Concussion Careers


Students from the Health Occupations Program at Mercer County Technical Schools received a special invite from the Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center on Friday–a career day with a twist. Staff welcomed 20 students to participate in hands on workshops highlighting allied health occupations geared toward concussion.

Linda Mazzoli, Director of the Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center and Certified Athletic Trainer, opened the morning by addressing the students: “You are all in such an incredible place in your lives. Not only does this program position you for a career in healthcare–one of the fastest growing industries–but you are also learning the many directions you can take in those fields. This is about more than just concussion. This is about learning that your options are limitless–that you can choose to do more than you could have imagined with your trade. You can specialize, you can direct, you can do research.”

Check out photos below to see some of the day’s activities!

????????????????????????????????????Linda Mazzoli prepping students for their workshops and talking about her own experience as an allied health professional.

DSC_0473Jenny Rexon, PT, DPT, teaches students about a day in the life of a physical therapist and how her specialized training in vestibular therapy guides her patient care. Here she demonstrates part of her clinical evaluation, balance testing.

DSC_0465Students take turns using the Visagraph with Meghan Mattson, ATC, Clinical Concussion Assistant at the Jefferson Comprehensive Concussion Center and Rothman Institute.

DSC_0466“As the patient reads, the infrared sensors track eye movement and pace. Our neuro-optometrists incorporate this information in the treatment plan. This is especially helpful for getting kids healthy and back to school because we are tracking and improving something they do every day,” says Mattson.

????????????????????????????????????Occupational Therapist, Janet Parkinson, OTR/L, talks about her role in cognitive remediation and vision therapy at the Center. Here she shows students how she uses a Brock String to treat Post-Trauma Vision Syndrome in patients with concussion.

DSC_0488Students use red/green filters to test out a treatment for eye suppression, a common side effect seen in concussion patients with visual disturbances.