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A Day in the Life of the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, usually called ALS, is mysterious, and affects a person’s ability to move their muscles. Eventually, the disease renders patients unable to walk, move, speak, eat and breathe. To meet the needs of the ALS patients and their families, we created the Jefferson Weinberg ALS Center, a clinical and research integrated program.

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Jefferson Neurologist Finds Two-Thirds Reduction in Death After Surgery

Death is rare among patients whose epilepsy is well controlled. But patients who continue to have seizures have up to a one in 100 annual risk of death. Michael Sperling, M.D., Baldwin Keyes Professor of Neurology and Director of the Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, has been researching this mysterious phenomenon for decades. Fortunately, his recent publication in Neurology contains hope.

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