Five Things to Consider When Choosing an OB/GYN

When it comes to choosing an OB/GYN, things can get confusing. What factors are important to consider? What questions should you ask? Shannon Davids, MD, OB/GYN from Jefferson Methodist Hospital shares the five most important things to think through when building this important doctor/patient relationship.

1. Find someone you trust. Your physician should be someone you can confide in, especially when dealing with sensitive issues. Being able to openly discuss your health concerns is important.

2. Meet the practice. If you have an urgent need and your physician is not available, you may be seen by someone else, so take the time to visit and learn about the care team at a practice.

3. Think about the long term. You’ll likely visit your OB/GYN for multiple reasons throughout your life – whether it’s an annual screening, an emergency visit, or during your pregnancy. It’s a lifelong process and you want to be comfortable along the way.

4. Talk to your friends. Ask the people you trust if they recommend the services of a specific doctor and, most importantly, why. You can also research a physician online to get a better idea of their experience and read patient reviews.

5. Schedule a quick call. To see if a physician fits your needs, set up a phone call to talk more in-depth with them. Be sure to make a list of questions beforehand and take notes during.

“At the end of the day, choosing a physician that meets your personal needs is what matters most,” says Dr. Davids. “Having peace of mind goes a long way when visiting your OB/GYN.”

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