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This post was written by Karen Halm, RN, MEd, Manager of Cardiac Rehabilitation at Abington – Jefferson Health.

Blog- Fall Into Fitness

Fall into Fitness! September through November can bring wild weather swings like hot days in the high 80’s, comfortable temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s, and even snow!! Autumn is also a great time to get out and enjoy the days without the heat and humidity to hinder your exercise. The leaves are changing colors and the fall ushers in several months of notable holidays with a variety of activities which may shorten your daily exercise program. Now is the time to fit exercise into your schedule to make it a part of your daily routine as those holidays and winter months approach.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Walking….we do it every day! So, try taking a walk during lunch, when you get home from work, or if you have an opportunity, walking before you head to work. Walking is easy and a with a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers, a bottle of water and the intention to keep with it four to six times a week, you are well on your way to a healthier you!

Fall Exercise

Hiking is an aerobic activity perfect for the cooler fall weather. Hiking boots and being hydrated are very important factors when trekking through the glorious fall foliage. If you enjoy running, the fall provides perfect temperatures to lace those sneakers, grab a bottle of water, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the colorful season.

If exercising outdoors isn’t your thing, try a local gym or exercise at home. The most important factors are to have your exercise schedule be flexible and meaningful so it becomes a part of your normal routine. Boredom may set in during your program, so sometimes it’s good to shake things up and alternate aerobic exercise with Tai Chi or Yoga, which offer meditation, relaxation, and promote balance.

Last, but never least…..SAFETY! Soon, the sun will be rising later and setting earlier, and the amount of daylight will decrease. Wear a reflective vest and have a flashlight handy to light your path. If you are biking, be sure your helmet and bike have lights and reflective markings to assure you can be seen. Safe places to walk or run are on designated paths in parks and some streets, depending on your neighborhood or town. Another great place to enjoy a walk or run that is safe and well-lit is at the local school track. Wearing moisture-wicking fabric removes sweat to prevent chilling, and dress in layers as the days become cooler. During the daylight hours, other vital outdoor exercise equipment includes sunglasses and sunscreen, which should be a permanent part of your exercise attire all year long.

Remember, you don’t have to go this route on your own. Team up with a friend and begin your fall exercise routine together! Be smart and safe out there!

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