EDIT: April Fools! Jefferson Goes Intergalactic

Plans to Expand Services with First Ever Urgent Care Center on Planet Mars

PHILADELPHIA (April 1, 2018)—Jefferson announced today that in order to fulfill its vision of “healthcare with no address” it will be expanding to outer space, with the opening of an urgent care center on planet Mars. Select board-certified physicians from Jefferson’s Emergency Medicine Department will begin training with the United States Space Program to care for patients with acute, non-life threatening illnesses and injuries including cold and flu, sprains and strains, meteorite burns, and gravity-sickness. Jefferson’s goal is to give patients effective, quality care whenever they need it, wherever they are.

“At a time when technology is advancing at the speed of light and colonization among the stars is imminent, Jefferson will be the provider to establish care before you’re there,” said Stephen K. Klasko, M.D., MBA, President and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health, whose current book, Bless This Mess, speculates about how aliens from other planets would view Earth medicine.

Jefferson’s already established urgent care centers, seven across the Philadelphia region, saw a major increase of visits for the flu this winter season. With growing concerns about the spread of flu on planet earth, and after seeing one of the most serious seasons in recent years, the establishment of the urgent care center on Mars will allow Jefferson to administer flu vaccines and treat astronauts and visitors to the planet.

“We’ve talked with astronauts, and while you might think claustrophobia or space radiation would be a concern, it seems they’re most worried about the flu and their day to day injuries,” said Judd Hollander, MD, Senior Vice President for Healthcare Delivery Innovation. “We knew we had to take our out of this world care, most literally, out of this world.”

Additional services at the urgent care on Mars will include x-ray, laboratory testing, sutures, and splinting.

Construction on the location will begin at the end of the month with an anticipated opening date for the fall of 2021.

“My vision is that people will see that Jefferson is more than just a physical location. Jefferson is on your phone, your laptop, near your home and now we’re taking the concept of “healthcare with no address” intergalactic,” said Dr. Klasko.

For more information visit Jefferson.edu/UrgentCare.

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