New Medication Alleviates Chronic Migraines

Stephen Silberstein, MD

Migraines, or severe headaches, affect up to 300 million people across the globe according to the World Health Organization. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s Stephen Silberstein, MD, director of the Jefferson Headache Center, and his team have tested a possible treatment for chronic migraines and published the results in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the phase III trial, Dr. Silberstein found that the antibody therapy, fremanezumab, which offsets an inflammatory molecule, greatly reduced the number of headache days per month. Dr. Silberstein said in a recent Philly Voice article, “This therapeutic approach offers new hope for people whose migraines cannot be treated with existing medicine.”

The medication aims to lessen symptoms of migraines. In an interview with NPR regarding this trial, Dr. Silberstein said “That’s what the antibodies do. They dampen. They prevent the noise from aggravating the system.”

The study was also covered by, MD Magazine, Live Science and Physicians Weekly among others.

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