Winter is coming… Is your skin ready?

I recently visited my Jefferson dermatologist for an annual skin check – a must because of my family history of melanoma. Good news – no suspicious spots. But the doctor did notice my dry, itchy skin. With winter around the corner, he gave me a list of five simple tips to embed into my morning routine to keep my skin healthy and comfortable.

  1. No more scalding hot showers. I know, I know… you probably want to stop right there. But hear me out. The doctor recommended pumping the hot water for a few minutes before I get in. The steam will warm up the shower and bathroom. Then, dial it back to lukewarm before I get in. It’s best to limit your showers to five minutes.
  2. Believe it or not, most people do not need to completely soap up every day. Avoid areas where your skin is itchy like arms, legs and back. This leaves your body’s natural moisture.
  3. When toweling off, no need to vigorously scrub away the water. Keep it to a gentle pat.
  4. While choosing a moisturizer, take a look at the container. If the product comes with a pump then it probably contains a high percentage of water to make a real difference in your dryness. Products that come in a tub and need to be scooped out are better. In general, the thicker the consistency, the better!
  5. Moisturize right out of the shower. This is when your skin is most receptive to moisturizers.

If your dry, itchy, winter skin persists, make an appointment with your dermatologist for a personalized treatment plan.

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