Know Someone with Diabetes? Tread Lightly.

Diabetes is one of those diseases in which those suffering, can sometimes feel judged. Thomas Jefferson University professor Andrea Braverman, PhD, who has diabetes, often hears “should you be eating that?” She told “People say, ‘If you didn’t eat so much sugar, you wouldn’t have diabetes.’” She continued “You get frustrated, you get angry, you feel intruded upon. You feel judged.”

It can sometimes be difficult to teeter along the border of being helpful and being hurtful. You want to be supportive, but you don’t want to offend. The article offered some tips as to how you can help your loved one.

  1. Ask them how you can help
  2. Understand that managing diabetes daily is difficult
  3. Offer to engage in some form of healthy lifestyle activity with them
  4. Know when to leave them alone. Your loved one might not be ready to accept help or talk about their condition. Respect their wishes

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