Delayed Cord Clamping: How long is too long?

The umbilical cord has historically been cut immediately after the birth of a baby. More recently, it has become standard for the cord to be clamped approximately one minute after the baby is born. This additional time allows for extra blood flow to the baby for brain development. This was typically a common practice with babies born prematurely. Later, experts discovered it was beneficial for all babies.

In a recent interview with FOX 29, Dr. Vincenzo Berghella, Director of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, responded to the trending “lotus births.” This method involves keeping the umbilical cord attached to the baby for days after the birth. Dr. Berghella advised against this method. He said, “It’s actually good to give the umbilical cord some time to give some extra blood from the placenta to the baby…It usually takes a minute  or two or three maximum.”

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