Design in Emergency Rooms Could Save Lives

Emergency rooms tend to be very hectic spaces. With so many clinicians and patients in one area, there can often be extensive commotion.  Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s emergency medicine physician, Bon Ku, is determined to find a better way to arrange emergency rooms in order to serve patients in a more effective way.

Ku, also assistant dean for health and design at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, sent his students into Jefferson’s emergency room with iPads equipped with a tool created by KieranTimberlake. He first saw the tool at a presentation in JFK Plaza. It was originally used to see how people move in a park. Ku’s immediate response was, “I need this in my emergency department.”

Dr. Ku would like this tool to be used in all hospitals eventually. He told Tom Avril in a recent article, “The science of how we build new health-care facilities should be as rigorous as the science of how we develop new drugs or therapy.”


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