Searching for a good night’s sleep

As we age, long hours in bed may not result in restful nights. Sleep experts found by about age 50, people experience biological changes that cause them to feel not as refreshed after sleep as they did in their younger days. By middle age, adults are working long hours while trying to raise their families. There isn’t much time to make up missed sleep as there was in their youth.

In a recent article, Director of the Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center, Dr. Karl Doghramji said “Sleep becomes much more fragmented as people get older.”  You might awaken slightly only a couple times a night at 40, “By the time you’re over 60, it could be 20 to 30 times.  And the body clock that determines your natural sleep cycle — not the one your work may require — begins to change so that your body wants to go to sleep and wake up earlier.  This may mean you need an earlier bed time.” He said that sleep can fix the problem of sleepiness, but that it may not be possible to recapture that feeling after you had a good night’s sleep in your youth.

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