Health Wearables: Great Potential but Great Risk

According to the Boston Globe, chronic care is responsible for 86 percent of the $2.7 trillion spending in health care. In an effort to slow that rising cost, health systems are considering discharging patients with health wearables. These devices monitor levels such as skin temperature and heart rate. The new technology comes with a great deal of concern for patient confidentiality. Security breaches are of greater risk with these devices as they send devices from possibly unsecured areas.

In a recent Boston Globe article, Jefferson Health Chief Digital Officer, Neil Gomes advised health systems should vet vendors before contracting for clinical usage. A more thorough vetting processes could include experts hacking themselves to find out the risk. Gomes said “[Wearable] data could save lives… But the privacy of data is important, too. We have to make sure that trust isn’t violated.”



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