Who needs sleep when you love your job?

As an Emergency Medicine Physician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Director of Medicine + Design in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Bon Ku finds few hours to rest amidst all the activity in his life.

In a recent Philadelphia Magazine article, Fabiola Cineas interviewed Dr. Ku about the most difficult aspects of his career and how he balances his clinical and academic duties. He said it is like, “being chronically jet-lagged. When I work overnight ER shifts and then teach all day, I sometimes forget to schedule basic life functions like sleeping.”

Dr. Ku was also mentioned in a New York Times article regarding Medicine + Design, a program that trains medical students to assess health care challenges and design equipment to solve them. One of his student’s creations is the CareCube. Rather than use the 1-10 pain scale, his team decided it would be more effective, especially for children, to use a cube with faces that demonstrate the level of pain. This allows the nurses to better treat their patient’s pain.

More recently, Dr. Ku and his team developed a digital mapping tool to evaluating the effects of the physical space on effective staff communication.

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