Heat Waves Not Caused by the Summer Sun

In a recent interview with NewsWorks, Jefferson Women’s Primary Care physician Dr. Katheine Sherif spoke about the causes of hot flashes during menopause.

She attributes the major change to decreasing estrogen levels, which begin to wind down after a woman reaches the age of 35. She noted that body temperatures fluctuate all day long and with normal estrogen levels the body adjusts and you wouldn’t feel a change at all. With lower levels, she stated, “What you normally had good control over before, you don’t have good control over now and the body is going to react.”

These reactions vary from woman to woman. When asked if there was a way to find out if someone were prone to having hot flashes, Dr. Sherif responded that currently there is no way to tell because “research is so scant.” She believes sexism is the underlying reason behind the lack of attention paid to this issue. She said, “why would you study something that you don’t think it is important.”

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