In the News: Pain Meds after C-Section

In light of the opioid epidemic in America, OB-GYNs are reevaluating the way they prescribe pain medications after cesarean sections – a major abdominal surgery.

Jefferson Health OB-GYN, Jason Baxter, MD, told Anne Hoffman of NewsWorks, that the recommended prescription is only five to seven days post C-section. However, a Vanderbilt study found that most women were being prescribed more opioids than needed.

“I have many hard conversations, but frankly when I talk to women about risks and benefits, they listen and are appreciative…And I find that I’m not having to over-prescribe opioids,” said Dr. Baxter.

Another key to the guidelines is ensuring no new mom is in pain by making sure a physician or midwife is available to send another prescription if it is necessary.

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