Virtual Rounds: Support from a Distance

Patients staying in the hospital can sometimes have trouble remembering information and/or directions from their doctors, nurses and care team. Having a family member or support person at the bedside can help with gathering this important information, but sometimes family members live far away or are otherwise unable to attend in person.

Judd Hollander, MD, associate dean at Thomas Jefferson University and Emergency Department physician, spoke with Mollie Durkin of ACP Hospitalist about Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s solution to the issue – virtual rounds. The program brings families of patients to the bedside during rounds. They can ask questions and take notes on conditions and how best to care for their loved one.
Hospital Doctor With Digital Tablet Talks To Male Patient
The postanesthesia care unit has seen great success with virtual rounds. Dr. Hollander said, “When people come out of surgery, the family is always antsy, they’re not always there, and even when they’re there, they can’t go in and see the patient for a couple hours…So we’re now able to connect that patient with their loved ones right as they come out of the OR.”

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