Vacation: Not just a Luxury, a Health Necessity

CBS3 reported on a recent poll, in which only 34 percent of Americans took vacation last year. More than half of them took fewer than five vacation days from work. While cost and workload are among the top reasons behind foregoing vacation time, Dr. George James, a therapist and program director of Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Couple and Family Therapy, told reporter Greg Argos he was not surprised by the poll results.

Jefferson Therapist George James being interviewed by CBS Philadelphia reporter.

Dr. George James discusses the benefits of taking time off.

Many argue that taking vacation is expensive and counterproductive, but Dr. James says, “It helps in many areas: work, family, relationships.” He finds vacation goers are sharper after they return and are more in tune to their relationships.  “Staycations” could even be a better option if the cost is an issue. CBS3 also noted that since most businesses don’t allow employees to roll over their vacation time, roughly $70 billion was lost in unused paid vacation time in 2016.


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