Doctor Visits from the Couch

For some parents, getting to the doctor’s office in between school and soccer practice, can be a challenge. The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Terri Akman, recently reported on the ease and benefits of using telemedicine.

David Cognetti, MD, co-director of the Jefferson Center for Head and Neck Surgery, said, when the appointment does not require a hands-on examination, “It saves the patient the hassle of driving in to the doctor’s office and all the associated costs that go with that, like parking, gas, time, etc. …You can turn what would be a half-day or day off of work or school into a 15-minute time out of whatever you’re doing.”
Hispanic girl lying on her mother's lap on the couch
And in cases where the patient is unsure if an emergency visit is necessary, JeffConnect allows for a consultation with an emergency medicine physician without leaving home.

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