In the News: Self Skin Checks Key to Detecting Melanoma Recurrence

Now that summer is in full swing, Philadelphians are busy soaking up rays down the shore and in the back yard. With extended periods of time in the sun comes a greater risk for melanoma, the most fatal of skin cancers.

In an article from U.S. News & World Report regarding melanoma recurrence prevention, Dr. Adam Berger, a Thomas Jefferson University professor of surgery, commented on his recent study in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons in regards to recurrence indicators.

Often, patients who have undergone melanoma treatment don’t avoid the sun as much as they should. Recent studies have been split between best practices for avoiding relapse. Some say that self-skin checks are the best method, while others argue patients should avoid being too casual with sun exposure, especially post-treatment.

Berger believes tanning salons are one of the largest contributors to melanoma. In the article, he said “In a lot of younger people, these melanomas are probably caused by really bad burns or tanning salons…I even have middle-aged men who are using tanning salons, which blows me away.”

In the study, researchers from both Thomas Jefferson University and the University of North Carolina concluded that vigilance is key to preventing the onset and return of melanoma.

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