In the News: Artificial Intelligence May Help Diagnose TB

Health Day’s Robert Preidt recently reported on a new study that shows researchers can train artificial intelligence to detect tuberculosis (TB) in chest X-rays. This could potentially make TB screening accessible in areas of the world that have limited access to radiologists.

Paras Lakhani, M.D., a radiologist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital said, “An artificial intelligence solution that could interpret radiographs for presence of TB in a cost-effective way could expand the reach of early identification and treatment in developing nations.”Pulmonary Tuberculosis ( Chest X-ray of child : show patchy infiltration at right middle lung )

According to the World Health Organization, TB is among the top 10 causes of death globally. Dr. Lakhani suggested that this artificial intelligence solution could “play a big role in tackling TB.”

The story was picked up by multiple news outlets including MedScape/Reuters and HealthImaging.

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