In the News: Exercising During Pregnancy

Tennis all-star Serena Williams recently announced she is having a baby this fall, which means she was pregnant at the time of her Australian Open win. In response to the news, CNN recently published an article on pregnancy and exercising including comments from Dr. Vincenzo Berghella, professor of maternal-fetal medicine at Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University.

He encouraged women to exercise while pregnant. “There is no intervention that we as providers can recommend to pregnant women as impressive in its significant impact on so many maternal and perinatal outcomes” said Dr. Berghella. Exercising while pregnant lessens the mother’s chances of gaining too much weight, developing conditions such as hypertensive disorders and gestational diabetes and undergoing a cesarean section.

Pregnant woman exercising with weightsBerghella advised against pregnant women participating in activities and/or sports that involve a greater fall risk. He also pointed out that, in the last few weeks of pregnancy, some exercises may be “less easy to do.”

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