Cardiac Rehab is “Physical Therapy” for the Cardiovascular System

This post was written by David Shipon, MD, FACC, a preventive sports cardiologist and the Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation at Jefferson.

Most people know that rehabilitation like physical therapy is crucial after an injury like a broken bone or torn ligament, but many people don’t realize that there are major benefits to rehab for your heart as well. Cardiac Rehabilitation should be done by people with angina or heart failure, or after a heart attack, placement of a stent, bypass, or valve surgery.  In addition, Cardiac Rehabilitation is beneficial in patients who have symptomatic peripheral artery disease or who have had peripheral artery procedures.  Simply put, it is physical therapy for cardiovascular system.

Patient Using Treadmill In Hospital with doctor looking onThe cardiovascular system is complex and requires more than just an exercise program to make a sustainable difference. Cardiac Rehab participants at Jefferson Health receive information on stress management, nutrition, exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, and about their medications all while being in a medically supervised monitored exercise program. Cardiac Rehab is a lifestyle modification program that maximizes the mind body connection. For every cardiac rehab session a patient completes, it can help improve overall heart health and prevent heart events in the future. Cardiac rehab can also foster life-long healthy habits.

Jefferson Health offers its Cardiac Rehab program throughout the Delaware Valley including South Philadelphia at Methodist Hospital, AbingtonLansdale, and Aria. Patients interested in learning more or scheduling an appointment can call 1-800-Jeff-NOW.

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