In The News: New Device Helps Those Suffering from Chronic Sinus Infections

Dr. Gurston Nyquist

Dr. Nyquist explains a new treatment for chronic sinus infections.

CBS3’s Stephanie Stahl highlighted the Propel stent, a first-of-its-kind sinus implant inserted through the nostril, which opens the cavity and releases a steroid to help patients breathe better.

“It slowly dissolves over 6 weeks and during that time it slowly alludes a steroid that helps keep the swelling down and prevent scarring formation,” said Jefferson Otolaryngologist Gurstin  Nyquist, MD. “I think it’s a great apparatus.”

Patients with chronic infections like Barbara Ganguzza say it’s allowing them to get back to experiencing simple life pleasures, like tasting their coffee.

“I feel amazing,” says Barbara. “I feel like a brand new person.”


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