Radiation Oncology Makes an ‘Art’ of Putting Patients and Families First

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This post was written by Cara Jo Swetsky of Corporate Communications.

Through surveys submitted by patients, the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson saw a trend in responses when it came to the appearance of its Bodine Center for Cancer Treatment on 111 South 11th Street. The consensus was that the office could use some “brightening up.”

“After realizing we needed to make a positive change, a group of us began to brainstorm different ideas,” said Anne Lowther, Administrative Associate for the department. “We then decided to launch a search for local artists who could help us transform our office to be an uplifting space for both patients and our employees.”

Revolvd's Eric Preisendanz with Dr. Adam Dicker.

Revolvd’s Eric Preisendanz with Dr. Adam Dicker.

The staff’s innovative thinking led them to finding Eric Preisendanz, owner of Revolvd LLC — a company that curates and installs exhibitions in commercial spaces using artwork by local artists. Radiation Oncology is now partnering with the company and its group of artists to host art exhibitions in the Bodine Center.

“One of our patients said the artwork stimulated her to feel well enough to go down to the Philadelphia Art Museum after her treatments,” said Rani Anne, MD, Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology, Director, Clinical Operations/Quality Assurance, noting reaction to the department’s inaugural exhibit, New Urban Optics.

“We’ve seen patients so inspired that they get up and walk around before, during and after their appointments to view the artwork,” she added. “We’ve had such positive feedback and I’m so happy our department took the initiative to do something wonderful and different for our patients.”

“The goal is not only to make the walls look better, but to generate dialogue within non-gallery spaces about local arts and artists,” said Eric. “I am so pleased to present our artists here at Jefferson. It’s been amazing to hear how it’s been resonating with the patients.”

New Urban Optics is a large compilation of works by two artists living and working in Philadelphia. The pieces by Anthony Torcasio and Justin Rubich represent the artists’ multifaceted reaction to city life, and each artist uses widely varied techniques, media and approaches to present their conceptual goals.

Artists Anthony Torcasio and Justin Rubich with Eric Preisendanz.

Artists Anthony Torcasio and Justin Rubich with Eric Preisendanz.

New Urban Optics runs through July 31 and Revolvd will continue to bring various exhibits lasting three to four months each to the Bodine Center.

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