Denise Randon Shares Her Sleeve Gastrectomy Story


Denise Randon

Denise Randon didn’t anticipate that one year from her sleevegastrectomy  at Jefferson she would be running her first 10K.

She struggled with maintaining a healthy weight her entire life, trying all of the commercial weight loss programs, diets, exercise and personal training. Denise was feeling tired, her health began to suffer and she had been thinking about weight loss surgery for a long time when a friend mentioned her own success with gastric bypass surgery and surgeon Dr. David Tichansky.

Since Denise did not have over 100 pounds to lose, she was not a candidate for gastric bypass surgery, so she attended an in-person seminar to learn more about the gastric sleeve procedure. There, she was able to talk directly with Dr. Tichansky and the registered dieticians with the program.

“The seminar helped me to realize that this was the right program for me,” Denise said. “I was ready to do whatever it takes – whatever they told me to do, I would do it.”

Denise had her surgery on April 15, 2015. Over the next year, she worked with Dr. Tichansky and his team to develop a healthier and active lifestyle. “I started walking, and then started jogging, and now I’m running up to seven miles,” Denise said. She participated in her first 10K race on Sunday, April 17, one year and two days after her surgery.

“There are lots of questions in the beginning,” she said. “The registered dieticians take the time to support you. Everyone is always positive and you get praise when you did well and a positive push when you feel like you’re in a slump.”

During the past year, she lost 80 percent of her excess weight and lowered her cholesterol. She no longer has sleep apnea or pain in her knees.

“I’m so glad I went to Dr. Tichansky,” she said. “He has this way about him that makes you instantly like him and trust him. He takes time to really talk to you and encourages you all the way. His staff is the same way.”

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