In the News: Living Kidney Donors Save Lives

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jane M. Von Bergen recently attended Jefferson Transplant Institute’s Day of Sharing and Learning, where patients learned about the transplant center and living donationedited kidney.

The event featured guest speakers who have benefitted from live kidney donation, including a family with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). PKD is a genetic condition causing cysts to form on the kidneys, eventually blocking their function. If one parent has PKD, there is a 50 percent chance their offspring will inherit the disease. Six family members, all of whom only have one kidney as result of the disease or donation, attended the Day of Sharing and Learning in hopes of sharing their story and encouraging others to donate.

“It takes a village and we can all do this to help each other,” said Stephanie Chissoe, who donated a kidney to her sister.

Learn more about Jefferson’s living donor program.

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