Raising Funds and Awareness for Autism

Dr. Roseann Schaaf, Chair and Professor of the Department of Occupational Therapy in Jefferson College of Health Professions, and Brian Squilla, Chief of Staff to the Provost of Sidney Kimmel Medical College spoke to Brad Segall on WOGL-FM about Team Solve the Puzzle, a community organization that is raising funds for Dr. Schaaf’s research. Dr. Schaaf’s Autism Laboratory and Research program, which is in its 15th year, trains occupational therapy students to provide services to children and adults with autism, so they can participate in everyday activities at the highest level of independence.

A trained neuroscientist, Dr. Schaaf also studies some of the neurological mechanisms that might explain some of the behaviors seen in individuals with autism, specifically with sensory integration.

Dr. Schaaf told WOGL, “Where the research is going, which I think is terrific, is we’re really starting to identify which kids will benefit from which therapies.”

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