Philadelphia Hand Center at Jefferson Welcomes New Surgeon

Osterman M

Dr. Meredith Osterman

The Philadelphia Hand Center at Jefferson recently welcomed Dr. Meredith Osterman as their newest surgeon specializing in hand and wrist. Dr. Osterman is returning to Jefferson, where she attended medical school and residency.

Dr. Osterman knew that she would someday come back to The Philadelphia Hand Center at Jefferson after her fellowship. “I knew what kind of practice I wanted to join – a practice with diversity and variety. I like the way people approach problems here. There is also great mentorship, a support system, strong reputation and complex cases.” Dr. Osterman said.

“I tell people that I wanted to join a privademic practice.” she said, referring to The Hand Center’s strong commitment to teaching, research and clinical care.

Her decision to return to Jefferson might also be in her blood. Dr. Meredith Osterman’s father, Dr. Lee Osterman joined The Philadelphia Hand Center at Jefferson in 1993.

“I was surprised as anyone else when she decided to go into orthopedics and I was the last to know she was going in to hand.” Dr. Lee Osterman said. “I love what I do, and I think she sees that.”

Growing up, Dr. Meredith Osterman remembers being surrounded by hand surgeons – often taking family vacations in conjunction with orthopedic conferences. “Eighty percent of my wedding guests were hand surgeons!” she said.

Osterman_family_hand_surgeons-6196Dr. Meredith Osterman is making sure that she carves out her own reputation within The Hand Center. She is committed to the tri-part mission of education, clinical care and research, recently publishing in the Journal of Hand Surgery on acute hand infections.

“I’m just trying to keep up with everyone here.” she said referring to the strong research program at The Hand Center.

Dr. Meredith Osterman also looks forward to mentoring and teaching the next group of fellows coming up through the field. She remembers her mentors and the impact that they had on her career.

“This was the family I grew up with.” she said.

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