Jefferson Dietitian Discusses Olympian’s Gluten Free Diet in the News

A story on examined the decision by Olympic speedskater and Bucks County native Chris Creveling to adopt a gluten-free diet.

The 27-year-old Olympian explained his decision, with the help of his nutritionist, to stop eating gluten saying, “I felt like there was a lot of inflammation in my body.”

Dietitian Emily Rubin, RD

Dietitian Emily Rubin, RD

Jefferson dietitian Emily Rubin, RD, of the Jefferson Celiac Center told that there are usually two reasons to adopt a gluten free diet – celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

In her interview with the Ms. Rubin compared celiac disease to a food allergy:

“Someone who ate a peanut and their throat could close, this is doing the same sort of thing, but you may not know it,” said Rubin, who added that aside from suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms and fatigue, the small intestine is under attack in celiac sufferers.

Intolerances, on the other hand, are less severe. “It is not attacking your system like celiac would be,” she said. “It just makes you feel more sluggish.”

While Creveling was never tested for celiac disease he told, “I noticed a huge difference physically, energy-wise.”

Check out these tips if you need to follow a gluten free diet.

Read the full story on Chris Creveling’s decision to go gluten free here.

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