Jefferson Hosts the Ocular Melanoma Foundation Patient Retreat

Medical oncologist Takami Sato, MD

Medical Oncologist Takami Sato, MD

Ocular melanoma, a form of eye cancer, is extremely rare with some 2,500 people new cases diagnosed in the US each year.

With such a small amount of patients, conducting large clinical trials on the condition also know as uveal melanoma, can be challenging. The Ocular Melanoma Foundation, however, is working to improve treatments for those suffering from this disease.

Jefferson recently hosted the Ocular Melanoma Foundation’s third annual Eye Am Not Alone retreat. The three day event was free to all patients and drew close to 150 people from across the country and world. The retreat featured discussions from top researchers and doctors on the disease.

Jefferson medical oncologist Takami Sato, MD, PhD, director of the Metastatic Uveal Melanoma Program at Jefferson is renowned for his care of patients with this rare and often deadly condition. He has been treating patients with the disease for over 20 years.

Grant Allen, chairman of the Ocular Melanoma Foundation says: “We partnered with the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson to construct an agenda for patients and caregivers that was a balanced blend of hard, scientific knowledge and tactical information for the here and now of cancer treatment.”

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