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Gastroenterologist Stephanie Moleski, MD

Dr. Stephanie Moleski

Going gluten free is more popular than ever. Some folks decide to make the switch in hopes of losing a few pounds; others do it because they can’t tolerate gluten.

Jefferson gastroenterologist Stephanie Moleski, MD recently spoke to WHYY’s program The Pulse about this diet.

“Initially as physicians, we thought these patients don’t have celiac disease. At first it was disregarded as not being a real entity and more recently, there has been more research on the area,” says Dr. Moleski of gluten sensitivity.

Patients suffering from celiac disease and gluten sensitivity may suffer from symptoms such as fatigue, gas and bloating whenever they ingest gluten.

The Jefferson Celiac Center is Philadelphia’s first adult center with a multidisciplinary approach to celiac disease.

“If you cut out gluten and then see your physician, and ask if you have celiac disease, the tests that we do can actually be falsely negative. I always recommend don’t cut it out, come see me first,” says Dr. Moleski. “Because otherwise, people cut it out and then we have to do a reintroduction and a six week gluten challenge, and it’s a little more difficult.”

Going gluten free may not be for everyone. This diet is expensive and should be done in a healthful manner. Be sure to watch your caloric intake and make sure you are consuming the same nutrients as before. Here are some gluten free diet tips from Jefferson specialists that can help.

If you suspect you have celiac disease or problems with gluten, consult your doctor.

You can read and listen to the full story from The Pulse here.

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