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Magnet resonance imaging (MRI)Magnet resonance imaging (MRI) captures images of organs and structures in your body. MRIs can help diagnose internal problems that x-ray machines and other technologies might miss.

If you hate tight spaces, having an MRI scan with the time inside the machine may be a source of anxiety.  For  others time inside the MRI machine is bothersome, but bearable. But for some who don’t mind the cramped quarters, the time spent inside the scanner has been relaxating and a source of musical inspiration.

WHYY’s Newsworks program the Pulse show spoke with Jefferson radiologist Donald G. Mitchell, MD, director of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to get a better understanding of how patients feel while inside the machine.

“Many say it was boring. Many fall asleep,” says Dr. Mitchell.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, a French electropop singer had several MRIs after suffering a brain hemorrhage. The time she spent inside the tube and the noises it projected inspired her to feature the MRI noise on a musical track.

“So there are similarities in the physics of it to a radio that you’ll listen to,” Mitchell said. “But instead of detecting signals from a radio station and turning it into voice or music, this is using radio waves when a person is inside a magnetic field to make sophisticated images.”

You can read (and listen to) the story here.

Can you name the song and band in this MRI inspired recording?

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