Young Doctors Use Jeopardy as a Learning Tool

Bernard L Lopez, MD

Bernard L. Lopez, MD

For medical residents at Jefferson playing Jeopardy is a learning experience.

There’s a lot for these young doctors to learn during their post-medical school residencies and as 6ABC News recently showed, Jefferson emergency medicine residents are competing in a medical version of the popular TV game show to help them learn the extensive amount of material they need to take the next steps in their careers.

As Jefferson emergency medicine physician and professor Bernard L. Lopez, MD explains, he is using the Jeopardy format as a technique to excite and engage his emergency medicine residents in the material.

Dr. Lopez generates his questions from assigned readings and groups of residents buzz in the give their answers in a fast paces and competitive environment.

“I make them look for little trivia, which makes them read very carefully,” says Dr. Lopez. “I think it has worked really well.”

You can read the story online here and watch the video below:

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