Calorie Restriction During Breast Cancer Care in the News

radiation oncologist Nicole Simone, MD

Dr. Nicole Simone

Jefferson radiation oncologist Nicole Simone, MD, is recruiting patients for a pilot clinical trial on caloric restriction during radiation treatment of breast cancer.

The goal is to determine if losing weight during radiation therapy – most women actually gain weight – will improve outcomes.

“We know that most women undergoing treatment for breast cancer gain weight and we also know that a reduction in overall calories may increase the efficacy of radiation,” says Dr. Simone. “Therefore, we are asking our breast cancer patients to adhere to a caloric reduction program for 10 weeks during their radiation therapy.”

ABC 6’s Action News recently featured one of the patients in this trial with the goal of both beating the cancer and achieving a healthy weight, she explains.

“My estrogen level because my tumor was estrogen-based, that reduced a lot so everybody actually was really happy,” she tells Action News. “My other numbers came down, my cholesterol, my sugar levels.”

Participants in the study are asked to reduce their daily caloric intake – and they receive professional guidance in doing so.

“It’s something they can do for themselves to help, which is empowering,” says Dr. Simone.

You can read the story here or watch it below:

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