Therapeutic Hypothermia for Stricken Man

When a Delaware County man collapsed in an elevator at Philadelphia International Airport, a stranger came to his aid keeping him alive until he was rushed to Jefferson University Hospitals.

Cardiologist Indranil Dasgupta, MD

Cardiologist Indranil Dasgupta, MD

This dramatic story recently was showcased on CBS 3, illustrating the kindness of strangers, the life-saving importance of CPR and Automated External Defibrillators as well as the potential of therapeutic hypothermia to reduce the risk of brain damage in patients who in cardiac arrest.

When he arrived at Jefferson, the man’s body temperature was lowered by doctors in an effort to protect his brain.
“If the hypothermia protocol was not in place he could have recovered from the heart attack, but it might have had anoxic injury, and so he may have been a vegetable. He may have not being able to talk,” Jefferson cardiologist Indranil Dasgupta, MD, explained to CBS news.

And thanks to the on-the-scene rescue and the man’s treatment at Jefferson: “He’s recovered his cognitive skills.  His function of the heart has actually recovered,” Dr. Dasgupta added.

View the full story here:

Or you can read “Delaware County Man Saved By Help From A Stranger, When Seconds Count” online.

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