Fans Eat More After a Loss

Football fans eating 500x350 iStock_000015476980SmallDo fans eat more after their team loses?

According to a study by an international group of researchers we do.

“People eat better when their football team wins and worse when it loses,” notes marketing professor Pierre Chandon, who studies the relationship between marketing and consumer food choices.

The researchers report that fans of the team that losses 10 percent more calories and 16 percent more saturated fats than the fans of the winner.

The study was recently highlighted in a story on KYW Newradio marking the start of football season.

Jefferson dietitian Emily Rubin, RD, explained to KYW listeners that “it is a ‘comfort food’ issue.”

You can read the entire story “Weight Gain During Football Season? It’s a Wing Thing, Say Experts” online.

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