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Farmers' MarketWith the opening of their 2013 season, the Jefferson Farmers’ Market launched the Plastic Bag Reduction (PBR) program. This initiative, a first of its kind in Philadelphia, is aimed at reducing the number of plastic bags used at the weekly market.

During a typical Jefferson Farmers’ Market, just one farmer goes through about 75 bags. With the help of 800 bags generously donated by CareOne at Moorestown, patrons will instead be given the reusable bags and encouraged to bring them back each week.

Sandy Bauers, Philadelphia Inquirer GreenSpace columnist, wrote a blog post about this initiative. She explains that while many cities have adopted legislation to limit the use and littering of plastic bags, Philadelphia council proposed a fee a few years ago, but the measure failed.

Read the GreenSpace blog for more information: “Philly farmers’ market nixes plastic bags.”

The Jefferson Farmers’ Market, a partnership between Jefferson University Hospitals and Farm to City, is located on the corner of 10th & Chestnut Street, every Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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